Augmented reality wine labels see growing adoption

November 28, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Augmented reality wine labels see growing adoption
Wine industry-focused augmented reality (AR) platform Winerytale (Victoria, Australia) says that more than 500 wineries across the globe have added augmented reality to their product labels in field testing trials of its app.

The company's app and platform lets wineries and wine producers create, manage, and market an augmented reality experience for their own labels via a smartphone app. Now, says the company, 524 wineries from across the world are participating in the trial and accessing the marketing potential of a marriage of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

"I don't believe anything like this has been done to this level before – bringing together artificial intelligence, augmented reality, clever technology, 500 different wineries with different visuals and branding, as well as different languages," says app creator and Winerytale founder Dave Chaffey. "This platform is purpose-built for mass adoption and accessibility to any winery wanting to take advantage of a brand marketing and sales future that will undeniably involve augmented reality."

The technology is designed to work on any wine label, using artificial intelligence to scan and recognize labels, and augmented reality to showcase the wine's backstory by beaming it from an imaginary space inside and outside of the bottle. With the technology, users can see multimedia branding content including winery tour videos, wine tasting notes, food pairing suggestions, or nearby retailers that stock the product.

Field testing of the Winerytale App has attracted world-wide interest, says the company, and a selection of leading wine producers are on board from across Australia and New Zealand, as well as from wine regions in South Africa, France, North America, Canada, Croatia, Lebanon, and Mexico. The wineries involved in testing the beta version of the app are small to mid-level where the app has the ability to help them reach a broader market, boosting brand recognition and sales, the company says.

"Current world consumers – millennial or not – live their lives through their phones and being able to give them the information they need, in a way they want, influencing the choices they make and harnessing that purchasing power is a no brainer," says Chaffey. "When

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