Audio DSP solution adds voice communications to any design

April 23, 2021 // By Rich Pell
Audio DSP solution adds voice communications to any design
Audio processing platform provider DSP Concepts has announced the launch of its first highly scalable and fully-integrated solution focused on human-to-human communications.

Offering natural, full-duplex voice seamlessly deployed into the company's Audio Weaver audio development framework designs, TalkTogether, says the company, removes the complexity and risk inherent in the design, development, and deployment of voice communication products. Like TalkTo, the company's audio front end solution, TalkTogether brings the same design flexibility and clear audio to human-to-human communication, only available through the Audio Weaver framework.

"Whether you're designing a smart exercise machine that lets people talk to their friends, or a sound bar that delivers clear, long-range voice for Zoom meetings and Xbox gaming sessions, the power and value of voice has never been more evident," says Chin Beckmann, CEO of DSP Concepts. "Unfortunately, product makers are often reliant on black-box third party voice solutions to deliver high quality experiences. With TalkTogether, we remove that risk and complexity, open the black box so designers can customize every part of their design, and allow them to quickly bring their innovations to market."

TalkTogether allows for rapid integration with any personal, gaming, work, or public communications device and is offered as being able to address near-field to far-field voice calls in the new hybrid global workplace. TalkTogether is also ACM certified, with other industry standard conferencing platform certifications to be announced in the next several months.

TalkTo can be combined with TalkTogether to enable voice commands, like setting the volume or ending the call, while on the call. TalkTogether is also one part of a larger audio processing suite that contains PlayPack playback processing and TalkTo. Primary components that make up TalkTogether include microphone arrays, direction of arrival (DoA), beamforming, VAD, noise reduction, de-reverb, AEC, residual echo cancellation, Tx and Rx AGCs and reduction of external noises such as keyboard clicks.

With TalkTogether, says the company, Audio Weaver provides designers with a wide range of audio capabilities, flexible enough to deploy designs for different vertical applications featuring:

  • Natural, full duplex calls on device and

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