Audi prepares roll-out of new OLED generation

August 29, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Audi prepares roll-out of new OLED generation
Personalized lighting designs in the vehicle and communication by means of light via the exterior lighting are two of the features that users can expect from the next generation of OLED lighting technology. Carmaker Audi is preparing such technologies for series production. At the 13th International Symposium on Automotive Lighting (ISAL), the vehicle manufacturer will present its developments.

Following the use of OLED technology in production vehicles (Audi TT RS) since 2016, the car manufacturer intends to present the next evolution stage - digital OLED technology - at ISAL (September 23, Darmstadt, Germany). While previous Audi models use up to four freely designed complex light segments to create a fixed design, the new digital OLED technology enables personalizable lighting design in rear lighting.

For this purpose, the OLED light source is divided into a significantly larger number of individually controllable segments. These more than 50 segments can be activated at will and their brightness can be infinitely adjusted. This enables designers to display a wide variety of lighting designs with a single hardware. The OLED advantages are very high contrast, high homogeneity and minimal segment spacing. The high system efficiency as area light in a one millimetre thin light element is retained.

The Audi engineers' ideas go beyond aesthetics and design: in addition to the versatile design of lighting, the digital OLED can also be used as a display element in rear lighting and thus as a car-to-X communication element. For example, predefined symbols can be displayed to alert other road users at an early stage to local hazards such as slippery roads or an imminent end to a traffic jam.

At ISAL, Audi will present its new OLED developments with a demonstrator.


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