Audi combines electric scooter with skateboard

August 06, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
Audi e-scooter
At a time when e-scooters are considered the latest craze in urban mobility, car manufacturer Audi no longer wants to stand on the sidelines. The company has hybridised the e-scooter with another in-car of the younger generation: the skateboard. The new micro-Audi combines the advantages of both concepts.

The twelve-kilogram electric scooter can be folded up for transport in a car, bus or train. Above all, however, the e-tron scooter differs from conventional e-scooters in its handling: Because the vehicle is equipped with four wheels and therefore stable (or at least somewhat more stable than the normal two-wheeled scooters), the driver has one hand free, can look around and give a hand signal.

The driver has one hand on the handlebar, but controls the direction like a skateboard by shifting his weight with his feet. The handlebar provides stability, carries the battery and the electronics as well as a display with the battery status. Acceleration and braking are provided by a twist grip. The range of 20 kilometres is to be achieved by recuperating the electric scooter when braking, i.e. recovering kinetic energy. The hydraulic foot brake ensures safety.

From around the end of 2020, private customers should be able to buy the e-tron scooter for around 2,000 euros. In addition, the project team is examining the use of stationary fleets. It would also be conceivable to offer the e-scooter as an accessory when purchasing an Audi e-tron model. In the boot, the e-scooter could be charged at a specially installed socket.

The Audi e-tron scooter has the LED lighting required by law: headlights, daytime running lights, rear lights and brake lights. A Bluetooth interface allows individual driving dynamics settings and offers anti-theft protection. The designers are also working on wooden or carbon footboards.

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