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January 30, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Artificial skin sensor promises 'superhuman' perception
Researchers at the University of Connecticut and University of Toronto have created a sensor that they say not only mimics the sensing properties of skin, but also offers additional smart sensing capabilities enabling the simultaneous monitoring of several hazard conditions in real time.
sealed and waterproof, it could also serve as a wearable monitor to alert parents if their child fell into deep water in a pool, for example.

"The inspiration was to make something durable that would last for a very long time, and could detect multiple hazards," says Mosa.

While the researchers have not yet tested the sensor for its response to heat and cold, they suspect it will work for those as well. Next, they say, they plan to make the sensor in a flat configuration, more like skin, and see if it still works.

For more, see " An Ultra-Shapeable, Smart Sensing Platform Based on a Multimodal Ferrofluid-Infused Surface .

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