AR wine labels add location awareness

September 05, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
AR wine labels add location awareness
Augmented reality (AR) startup Third Aurora says that intelligent technology, where wine bottles are aware of their precise location, will drive the next phase of marketing and sales for the wine industry. The company has announced that location-aware services will be introduced to their augmented-reality platform, Winerytale, before the end of the 2019.

The Winerytale platform is the first of a new breed of marketing platforms, connecting consumers and producers, literally through products. Winerytale showcases wineries from their own wine labels, presenting their story through the spectacle of augmented reality, involving video, text, and 3D objects in virtual space. The idea is to emphasize the strong social angle and drive direct to consumer-purchasing.

Location-aware wine, the latest feature of augmented reality platform Winerytale delivers personalized content from the wine label in augmented reality.

Following their announcement of self-translating wine labels last month, the platform further enhances the opportunities for wineries with AR-location technology to offer a new perspective for marketing and sales.

"Consumers are able to scan the labels of hundreds of wines, viewing that winery's content which is stunningly displayed in  augmented reality, right at the bottle face" said Chaffey, co-founder at Third Aurora, "the obvious next step was to customize that content depending on the location (and language)"

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