Analog temp sensor ICs protect goods, equipment

September 02, 2020 //By Rich Pell
Analog temp sensor ICs protect goods, equipment
Maxim Integrated Products has announced two new analog temperature sensor ICs for cold-chain pharma and other temperature-sensing applications.

The MAX31889 digital temperature sensor, says the company, features an unmatched combination of accuracy and power consumption, replacing expensive resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) in precise temperature-sensitive applications. The MAX31825 digital temperature sensor enables up to 64 devices per bus, all parasitically powered by the 1-Wire bus, to drastically reduce wiring complexity.

"These temperature sensor ICs epitomize the values of precision measurement and robust protection from Maxim Integrated's Essential Analog portfolio," says David Andeen, executive director for the Core Products Group at Maxim Integrated. "Our customers can measure temperature with precision, and thereby protect their assets from potential damage by heat or cold."

The MAX31889, says the company, ensures the industry's highest accuracy at the lowest power consumption, providing robust protection of customer assets. It delivers precision measurement of ±0.25-degree Celsius accuracy across a wide temperature range, and measures cold-chain pharma product temperatures at a fraction of the cost of RTDs and at 35% the power consumed by competitive solutions.

The MAX31825 offers a precision of ±1-degree Celsius accuracy. Each device has a unique code that can be optionally programmed with a location address, simplifying system design. The 1-Wire versatility improves system robustness by delivering an 8x reduction in necessary wiring compared to competitive two- or three-wire solutions. The MAX31825 also supports longer battery life and extends operational up-time with a low standby current of 2.5cµA, ideal for consumer devices and factory automation.

The MAX31889 comes in a 6-pin µDFN package and is available for $1.65 (1000-up, FOB USA). The MAX31825 comes in a 6-bump WLP and is available for $1.55 (1000-up, FOB USA). Evaluation boards - the MAX31889EVSYS and the MAX31825EVSYS1, respectively - are available for $56 each.

Maxim Integrated Products

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