Amazon working on Alexa-enabled smart glasses

September 20, 2017 //By Rich Pell
Amazon working on Alexa-enabled smart glasses
Amazon (Seattle, WA) is reportedly working on its first wearable device - a pair of smart glasses.

According to the Financial Times , the glasses will allow Amazon's Alexa digital assistant to be summoned at any time. The only requirement,say reports, is that a smartphone needs to be nearby - similar to how the original Apple Watch operated.

The smart glasses are said to be designed to appear as a normal pair of glasses and will not include a display or camera. Instead of using a microphone and headphones for users to interact with Alexa, the glasses will use a behind-the-ear bone conduction audio system built into the frames.

Amazon has thus far not commented on the report. But the FT notes that Amazon hired Google Glass founder Babak Parviz in 2014, suggesting that a glasses project may have been in the works.

The FT also reported that Amazon is also working on am "Echo Protect" home security camera. One or both products reportedly could be available by the end of the year, in time for Christmas.

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