Amazon introduces long-range wireless network for smart homes

September 30, 2019 // By Rich Pell
Amazon introduces long-range wireless network for smart homes
Tech giant Amazon (Seattle, WA) has announced that it is developing a longer-range equivalent to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless protocols for use in smart devices.

The idea behind the new protocol, called Amazon Sidewalk, is to offer a "middle-ground" wireless technology for devices in the space around homes - like sensors and smart lights - that can benefit from low-cost, low-power, low-bandwidth connections. Users of such devices, says the company, "shouldn't have to settle for connected devices that lose functionality past the front door."

Amazon Sidewalk is presented as a new long-term effort to greatly extend the working range of low-bandwidth, low-power, smart lights, sensors, and other low-cost devices customers install at the edge of their home network. Using already tested and established 900-MHz spectrum technology, the new protocol is projected to increase the connection range of these devices by more than one half mile/one kilometer.

"With Amazon Sidewalk," says the company, "customers will be able to place smart devices anywhere on their property and know they'll work great, even in dead spots where Wi-Fi and Bluetooth don't reach."

Currently, when users place a smart device at the edge of their home network, poor network connectivity can prevent that device from receiving important feature and security updates. By extending long-range, low-bandwidth connections using the Amazon Sidewalk network, says the company, users won't have to worry about smart devices that don't have access to the latest security updates or work as intended because they're out of network range.

"In the near future," the company adds, "we also see the potential to help customers get more from 900-MHz connections in their neighborhoods, creating a broad network among neighbors that can be used to extend connectivity all the way to your mailbox out at the street where a smart sensor lets you know exactly when your mail has been delivered, or to a water sensor that lets you know it's time to water the garden in the backyard."

Such a neighbor-created network, says the company, demonstrates the potential of Amazon Sidewalk – a broad coverage network, ideal for

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