All-in-one IoT smart fob turns keychain into a 'life remote'

August 01, 2019 //By Rich Pell
All-in-one IoT smart fob turns keychain into a 'life remote'
Key organizer technology company Keyport (Las Vegas, NV) has launched what it says is the world's first all-in-one smart fob for smart home, connected car, and personal security applications.

Called the OmniFob, says the company, is a finger-sized all-in-one IoT smart remote that attaches to any standard keychain and provides quick and easy access to a user's favorite connected applications. The device is also compatible with all of the company's modular access devices, the Slide 3.0, the Pivot, and the Anywhere Pocket Clip.

OmniFob enables users to control smart home devices such as smart locks, garage doors via Nexx Garage, home security, smart lights, smart plugs, and more using one-hand operation. It is compatible with many popular smart home products through integrations with Samsung SmartThings and Yonomi, and includes scene support allowing for one-click control of multiple devices at once.

The device can also can control vehicle access through select aftermarket systems such as MoboKey. OmniFob is compatible with MoboKey's full range of products, from DIY installed lock/unlock to remote start, keyless entry, and trunk. OmniFob is also compatible with Blue Eclipse's BluRemote (due out in early 2020), which offers connected control of OEM and aftermarket remote functions for any car, garage door, or home security alarm without the need for professional installation.

OmniFob can also serve as a panic button, says the company, enabling a user to click on the designated panic quick control to send a preset message to designated recipients along with GPS coordinates so long as the user's phone is within Bluetooth range. The device comes equipped with a built-in Bluetooth locator powered by Chipolo.

The device is currently being funded through a OmniFob Kickstarter campaign . Pricing for OmniFob starts at $91 for early bird supporters, with a suggested retail price of $129 when the product ships, expected in Q1 2020.


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