All-in-one biosensor module for mobile, wearable devices

October 21, 2019 //By Rich Pell
All-in-one biosensor module for mobile, wearable devices
Integrated Device Technology (San Jose, CA) has introduced a fully integrated and calibrated all-in-one biosensor module for mobile and wearable devices.

The OB1203 module is offered as the smallest sensor of its kind. In addition to non-invasive measurement of heart rate and blood oxygen levels, the device integrates additional sensors needed in the latest-generation mobile devices, including an ambient light sensor, an RGB color sensor, a proximity sensor, and a pulse oximeter biosensor.

"Our OB1203 is the most advanced biosensor for front and upward facing applications, such as in mobile and wearable devices," says Rudi Hechfellner, director of sensing technology at IDT. "Unlike other sensor technologies, the OB1203 can operate behind IR cover ink so that the sensor components are virtually invisible. This allows for a more pleasing industrial design and improved ergonomics for a better user experience."

The module comes in a 4.2 x 2 x 1.2-mm optically-enhanced package and includes two LEDs, drivers, the sensors, and a signal conditioning chip that outputs all sensor data on an I2C bus. A key feature is its antiallergenic glass cover, which allows it to be used in applications requiring direct skin contact. In addition, the device is able to operate when covered with IR-inked glass, allowing product designers to almost entirely conceal the OB1203 for a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing product design.

The OB1203 comes with clinical-grade heart rate (HR) and SP02 algorithms, an easily customized Android app, and only requires power and three data lines to operate. It also comes with a complete design toolkit and, the company says, doesn't require subject matter design expertise.

Samples and evaluation kits with Bluetooth or USB data connectivity are available online by request.

Integrated Device Technology

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