AI recognition platform mass screens for fever, masks

March 04, 2020 //By Rich Pell
AI recognition platform mass screens for fever, masks
Global AI solutions provider Remark Holdings has announced a significant upgrade to its AI-based product offerings designed to provide touch-free temperature measurement for mass screening of high-traffic areas.

The company's KanKan AI recognition computing platform has added thermal detection - including body temperature detection - to its Smart Monitor technology and improved its facial recognition capability to include compliance with public sanitary regulations such as the wearing of protective masks. The recent coronavirus outbreak and a difficult flu season, says the company, highlight the utility of KanKan AI's thermal detection technology, as increased body temperature is a common symptom that allows for early detection of flu and other contagious diseases where widespread transmission is a concern.

"For reasons that have become obvious in recent weeks, there is an international priority to detect infectious diseases in patients before it spreads to the general population," says Kai-Shing Tao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Remark Holdings. "Though many countries have advocated the use of masks to try to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the ability of governmental authorities in some countries to monitor the use of preventative measures such as masks has been limited by lack of efficient technology and reliance on manual methods. We now see an opportunity to expand our health and safety capabilities to retail stores and areas with high traffic."

The new capabilities of KanKan AI's Smart Monitor technology allows for non-contact fever screening, which is more efficient and faster than manual methods and which reduces the risk of cross contamination from human contact. Smart Monitor's facial recognition, which includes mask detection, may also be used to enforce compliance with health and regulatory laws on a real-time basis.

The upgraded technology, says the company, builds on the successful technology platform that has already been deployed among students within the Hangzhou school systems for early flu detection. When combined with Smart Monitor's existing capabilities, it allows for traffic monitoring, crowd monitoring, intrusion detection and other monitoring and detective functions, and could allow public safety managers to operate with more efficiency, to reduce manpower, and to increase

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