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August 19, 2019 //By Rich Pell
AI mobility robots offer semi-autonomous piloting, auto-docking
Intelligent short-distance transportation equipment operator Segway-Ninebot (Beijing, China) has announced three new AI mobility products - a semi-autonomous kickscooter and two delivery robots.
obstacles properly.

The Segway DeliveryBot S2 also adopts a new suspension damping solution that allows it to cross obstacles with ease. It can cross obstacles at a vertical measurement of 3 cm and can cross speed bumps measuring 5 cm. In addition, the distribution compartment adopts an automatic cabin door, which supports the adjustment of the container's structure and can flexibly change from two to four slots according to the size of the goods it's transporting.

The third new product to debut, the Segway DeliveryBot X1, is an indoor/outdoor auto-piloting robot that provides delivery service between buildings. It uses "multi-data integration" technology that allows it to deal with precise locations in different environments. It also incorporates an advanced path planning algorithm and a dynamic obstacle avoidance algorithm to achieve smooth movement on non-motor vehicle lanes and in closed parks.

With its ability to automatically recognize traffic lights and its chassis mechanical brake, says the company, the Segway DeliveryBot X1 guarantees safe piloting. It can intelligently follow and overtake vehicles to improve its efficiency and ensure its on-time delivery. The Segway DeliveryBot X1 also has a 350-L large-volume capacity and is compatible with a wide range of delivery items. With an IPX5 water resistant rating, Segway DeliveryBot X1 can even operate on rainy days.

KickScooter T60, Powered By Segway, will be given to selected customers to conduct customized tests starting from September 1. It will be mass-produced in the first quarter of 2021, says the company.

Segway DeliveryBot S2 will be given to selected customers for trial in October 2019. It is scheduled to be mass-produced in the first quarter of 2020. Segway outdoor DeliveryBot X1 will be given to selected customers for trial in January 2020.


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