AI mobility robots offer semi-autonomous piloting, auto-docking

August 19, 2019 //By Rich Pell
AI mobility robots offer semi-autonomous piloting, auto-docking
Intelligent short-distance transportation equipment operator Segway-Ninebot (Beijing, China) has announced three new AI mobility products - a semi-autonomous kickscooter and two delivery robots.

The new products - the KickScooter T60, Segway DeliveryBot S2, and Segway Outdoor DeliveryBot X1 - are transportation robots with semi-autonomous piloting and auto-docking features.

"In the upcoming decade, the world will become more 'alive' with intelligent things," says Luke Gao, Founder and CEO of Segway-Ninebot. "Global IoT is a pivotal direction of technology and business development. This sub-networks of autonomous delivery robots will play a vital role in the Internet of Things."

The KickScooter T60, Powered By Ninebot subsidiary Segway, was the first product to be released as part of the company's shared kick scooter business line. The T60, says the company, is a revolutionary product, having the ability to pilot itself to riders and back to its charging station autonomously.

With its vision-based navigation technology, the T60 can be operated in two modes: guided piloting for short distances and autonomous piloting for long distances. Additional features include automatic dispatch, cloud service, and wireless charging.

Operators may remotely control the automated movement of kick scooters through the cloud, enabling a one-to-many manual remote dispatch. As a result, says the company, shared kick scooters can be dispatched intelligently in different time periods and areas to help shared business operators improve the turnaround frequency of products for lower operating costs and higher profitability.

An upgraded version of the Segway DeliveryBot S1, The Segway DeliveryBot S2 is an indoor delivery robot that can adapt to any indoor environment, including being able to go up and down elevators independently. The Segway DeliveryBot S2 uses LDS Lidar, which has a similar cost but incorporates a larger viewing angle compared with the depth camera used in the Segway DeliveryBot S1.

The Segway DeliveryBot S2 also has the navigation system integrated with a visual sensor, which helps achieve higher location precision and has fewer visual blind spots. It can easily detect human feet and small movements in all directions so that it can avoid accidents and

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