Accelerometer features built-in noise filtering function

December 16, 2019 //By Rich Pell
Accelerometer features built-in noise filtering function
MEMS inertial sensors company Kionix (Ithica, NY) has announced the availability of an accelerometer that it says is ideal for high accuracy, low-power motion sensing applications in the industrial equipment and consumer wearable markets.

Optimized for machine condition monitoring, the KX134-1211 three-axis accelerometer features advanced data path (ADP) technology that allows noise filtering and sensor signal processing that is normally carried out by the MCU to be performed by the accelerometer. This, says the company, contributes to reducing MCU load and power consumption together with improved application performance.

In addition, to meet industrial requirements, the sensing frequency and acceleration detection ranges extend to 8,500 Hz and ±64 g, respectively, while supporting operating temperatures up to 105°C. At the same time, says the company, the sensor itself consumes less than half the current (0.67 µA in low power mode) compared to conventional products.

Additional features include Wake Up and Back to Sleep functions that contribute to lower power consumption, enabling sensing operation in battery-equipped wearable devices. Application examples include health, predictive maintenance, and condition/vibration monitoring (machine condition monitoring) in motor-equipped industrial equipment; logistics tracking in combination with GPS; wearables; and automotive smart keys.

The KX134-1211 is available now.


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