5W wireless power receiver IC conforms to WPC/Qi BPP

January 31, 2020 //By Julien Happich
wireless power receiver
The KTE7000 5W wireless power receiver released by power management solutions provider Kinetic Technologies is the company’s first in a new line of WPC/Qi compliant, wireless charging products.

The KTE7000 is a single-chip solution that conforms to WPC/Qi v1.2.4 Baseline Power Profile (BPP) standards. Fully compatible with all WPC/Qi certified transmitters, the KTE7000 will operate in BPP mode when interoperating with either BPP transmitters or EPP (Extended Power Profile) transmitters.

The chip integrates a full-synchronous rectifier with robust voltage surge protection and an LDO to efficiently convert the wireless AC power into 5V DC power at up to 1.5A. Higher power outputs are possible in proprietary modes. An embedded microcontroller with ROM and programmable memory provides power management, protection, and communications with the power transmitter.

The KTE7000 is available in a green compliant, 52-bump, 2.66x3.90mm WLCSP package.

Macnica GmbH - www.macnica.com

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