5G white paper looks at vertical use cases

October 13, 2021 // By Rich Pell
5G white paper looks at vertical use cases
Industry trade organization 5G Americas has announced the publication of a new white paper that analyzes the benefits and challenges of 5G network deployments for enterprises in specific industry verticals.

With global 5G networks providing new enhanced technical capabilities serving over 429 million connections, modern industries are examining how 5G wireless cellular connectivity impacts their businesses. The new white paper - 5G Vertical Use Cases - provides a deep dive on the benefits, opportunities, and requirements for enterprise adoption of 5G.

“The 5G architecture allows for innovation," says Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas. "In 2021, the world approaches 200 5G networks and millions of connected 5G devices, entities are thinking hard about what the faster data rates, lower latency, and precision management of connected sensors and devices will do for – and to – their businesses.”

Focused on the benefits and requirements that are specific to certain industry verticals, the white paper identifies how 5G offers numerous innovations, which make it very different from 4G LTE. These innovations include higher speed and enhanced connectivity through new spectrum, dedicated resource management with network slicing, highly reliable communication for latencies less than 10 milliseconds, improved security, a distributed packet core that spreads core network functions to the network edge, and flexible service creation and deployment with Service-Based Architecture (SBA).

In addition, the white paper clarifies the different factors that all decision-makers should consider, irrespective of industry, including availability of spectrum, intended use of spectrum or “spectral determinism,” area of coverage over corporate buildings, cybersecurity needs, connectivity availability and reliability requirements, data sovereignty issues, ease-of-use, and liability, responsibility, and ownership of network assets.

The white paper looks at specific use cases in the following key industries:

  • Manufacturing - perhaps the most opportunistic and demanding industry for wireless enhancements which 5G promises to fulfill.
  • Mining – which has been using 4G LTE technology for several years, offering numerous key lessons.
  • Utilities - a huge emerging sector where 4G LTE and 5G technologies can provide benefits at a tremendous scale.
  • Healthcare and Education – which offer immediate returns for better wireless connectivity due to

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