5G lab to focus on AI, IoT R&D

September 03, 2019 //By Jean-Pierre Joosting
5G lab to focus on AI, IoT R&D
Duubee has announced that it has been investing several million dollars in establishing a laboratory that will focus on research and development across 5G, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).

The fusion of 5G, AI, IoT and other emerging technologies promises new possibilities, opportunities, and experiences.

The Duubee 5G Lab is a comprehensive, large-scale and advanced laboratory equipped with an advanced test platform and systems, test equipment and analytical instruments.

The lab provides communication protocol consistency and can test parameters such as radio frequency performance, audio performance, electrical safety, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic compatibility and others for communication terminals. Meanwhile, the lab supports the latest 5G updates and is backward compatible with 2G/3G/4G communication terminal testing.

After the first phase of laboratory is completed, test services will be provided for internal and for the surrounding enterprises.

After the second phase is completed, Duubee will apply to become a national laboratory and have the qualification to test and issue 5G terminal certification (CCC, FCC, CE, GCF, PTCRB and etc.).

2019 could be considered the first year of 5G. In the critical period of the initial stage of the industry, Duubee will focus on current trends developing in the industry, continue to increase investment in research and development, enhance the user experience with high-quality products, and aim to lead future industry trends.


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