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November 07, 2019 //By Rich Pell
5 IoT predictions for 2020
Market research firm Forrester Research (Cambridge, MA) has released a report outlining five IoT predictions for 2020.
  • (LoWPAN) technologies. 5G will be used to augment existing LoWPAN networks to provide backhaul information, passing data to telecommunications networks en route to destinations like the cloud.
  • Connected trucks will use IoT to catalyze logistics and supply chain transformation. In the trucking sector, IoT will offer better insights into what trucks are carrying, preventing less carrying around of empty loads. It will also enable increased truck driver assistance and traffic safety, while paving the way for fully self-driving trucks in the future. IoT will also transfer over efficiency and safety into the supply chain, where IoT devices in warehouses will be used to safely operate machinery and move heavy items around on automated carts, as well as improve end customer experience by tracking inventory.

For more, see the full report: Predictions 2020: The Internet Of Things .

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