3D printing workflow software enables collaboration from anywhere

August 20, 2020 // By Rich Pell
3D printing workflow software enables collaboration from anywhere
3D printer maker MakerBot has announced software designed to provide a seamless 3D printing workflow for teams to collaborate around the world - remotely or on site.

The MakerBot CloudPrint software, says the company, is the next-generation cloud-based 3D printing platform that enables individuals and teams to utilize 3D printing collaboratively, all from within their browser and across multiple devices. The software combines the ease of use and familiar features from the company's MakerBot Print software with the scalability of the cloud to provide a more efficient 3D printing workflow management solution.

"We are experiencing a global phenomenon with more people working remotely than ever before," says Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot. "Without the right tools, this can lead to a disruption in work and, ultimately, a decrease in performance."

"We believe that MakerBot CloudPrint is an ideal solution for individual or team collaboration from anywhere," says Goshen. "MakerBot CloudPrint offers an all-in-one solution for users to prepare, queue, print, and manage printers. MakerBot CloudPrint aims to easily adapt to your workflow, no matter how many printers you have. This solution was built with productivity in mind, and we plan to continuously improve the fastest CAD-to-part benefits of the METHOD [3D printer] platform."

The new workflow software has been designed to overcome common challenges associated with 3D printing, such as optimizing utilization, managing print jobs, and collaborating with team members. The solution, says the company, gives users more visibility into and control over their print jobs, from mass production to team projects to individually queued jobs.

MakerBot CloudPrint allows users to prioritize print jobs by project or reorder the print queue based on shifting priorities. With the software, teams can easily share access to connected MakerBot 3D printers even when working remotely. MakerBot CloudPrint is also integrated with Google products, allowing users to access MakerBot applications with familiar tools.

Key features of MakerBot CloudPrint include:

  • Print preparation: Users can slice and prepare their 3D prints directly from their browser. The new full-featured print preparation view allows for easy part positioning and preview. Users can utilize optimized print modes

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