$299 3D printer offers industrial-grade print quality

April 17, 2019 // By Rich Pell
$299 IVI 3D printer offers industrial-grade print quality
3D printer startup IVI (Shenzhen, China) has launched a Kickstarter project for a high-resolution, modular, closed-loop 3d printer that, the company says, offers print quality that matches industrial-grade FDM 3D printers (and even SLA printers) while only costing a third of the price.

With a cost starting from $299 for super early birds, the IVI 3D printer is claimed to offer triple functionality, allowing users to easily switch between 3D printing, CNC cutting, and laser engraving. The 3D printing function offers a build volume of ø210 x 220mm and a layer resolution of 25 - 200 microns.

The printer offers a 15-micron/0.015 mm XYZ accuracy. Even when the print head is traveling at 300 mm/s, says the company, its repeatability is kept within 10 microns/0.01 mm.

An included 2.5W laser module engraves images or logos on wood, bamboo, fabric, leather, plastic, paper, acrylic, anodized aluminum surfaces, and more. The CNC module works with a spindle speed ranging from 2000 to 8000 RPM and can be used with wood, bamboo, acrylic, and PCBs.

IVI uses a 0.9° motor with twice the precision of standard stepper motors used in typical 3D printers, says the company. The 100 rotor teeth in the 0.9° motor is double the 50 of a standard 1.8° motor. As a result, the smallest step rotation becomes 0.9° - half that of the 1.8° motor - significantly improving fineness and accuracy.

The printer features a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and a 32-bit 100MHz ARM chip dedicated to motion control, and all of its structural and moving components are made with computer numerical control (CNC) technology. The printer's in-house developed closed-loop control system, says the company, eliminates printing failures caused by layer shifting. In addition, multiple sensors allow continuous monitoring of real-time data from all aspects of the machine, enabling it to constantly correct even the tiniest deviations and ensure precision and accuracy in the final result.

Funded within one minute after launch and with 29 days to go, the IVI 3D Printer project has already raised almost $400,000 of its $50,000 goal.


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