1.6mm thick antenna sticks to metal for smart lighting

January 09, 2019 //By Julien Happich
1.6mm thick antenna sticks to metal for smart lighting
Antenova Ltd has created a new version of its award-winning Reflector antenna that operates on and close to metal surfaces. The Magna antenna (part number SR4I051), only 1.6mm thick, operates in the ISM frequencies at 868/915 MHz and is designed for industrial IoT markets and in particular lighting.

Antenova’s new patented Reflector antennas are thinner than other antennas that would usually be mounted on a metal surface. They use two electrical layers, one isolated from the other, which enables an antenna to radiate on a metal surface or housing where it is usually extremely difficult for an antenna to operate. The Magna antenna comes with a cable and an IPEX connector and has an adhesive underside to fix it position inside a device. The antennas can be used in switches and dimmers in commercial and residential property, and also in street lighting, traffic control and security.

Antenova - www.antenova.com

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