Wrist-worn health sensor design simplifies SpO2, HRV monitoring

Wrist-worn health sensor design simplifies SpO2, HRV monitoring

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Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled what is claimed to be the market's first complete wrist-based, system-level design for wearable health-monitoring solutions that continuously monitor SpO2 as well as heart rate and heart-rate variability (HRV).
By Rich Pell


The MAXREFDES103 health sensor platform, says the company, can reduce development costs and shave up to six months off the development cycle by eliminating two key barriers to entry into the market: opto-mechanical system design and development of high-performance, validated algorithms.

Previously, anyone who wanted to check their SpO2 – an indicator of oxygen levels in capillary blood – had to visit a medical facility. By combining SpO2 and HRV monitoring, says the company, the design allows engineers to deliver meaningful insights for the fitness and wellness markets, including applications such as sleep quality, sleep apnea detection, stress, calories burned, muscle oxygen (VO2), recovery time, and other new use cases.

The reference design is available in a wrist-worn wearable form factor and delivers FDA-grade SpO2 algorithms, sensors, optical design hardware, software design files, and access to raw data. Thanks to its algorithms, says the company, it can cover corner cases involving very low perfusion (perfusion index as low as 0.05% versus 0.1% for the competition).

The MAXREFDES103 features the MAX32664C biometric sensor hub with embedded algorithm for heart rate and SpO2. The MAX32664C processes photoplethysmographic (PPG) signals from the MAX86141 analog front-end (AFE) sensor. Algorithm output and raw data can be streamed through Bluetooth to an Android app or a PC GUI for demonstration, evaluation, and customized development.

Design files, firmware, and software are available from the MAXREFDES103 page. An associated application note – Guidelines for SpO2 Measurement Using the Maxim MAX32664 Sensor Hub – is also available.

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