Wireless in-car charging solution combines Qi and NFC

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Rohm has introduced a wireless charging solution with integrated NFC communication for automotive applications. The solution combines ROHM’s AEC-Q100 qualified regulator IC for wireless power transmission (BD57121MUF-M) with the NFC reader IC ST25R3914 and an 8-bit microcontroller from STMicroelectronics’ STM8A series.

The multi-coil design of the new charging solution conforms to WPC’s Qi standard, which supports EPP (Extend Power Profile) and allows the module to charge up to 15 W. The module can be equipped with a wide range of power ratings. In addition, the multi-coil design supports a large charging area, which offers a certain degree of spatial freedom for vehicle applications (2.7 x larger charging area compared to single-coil configurations). Consumers therefore don’t have to worry that their smartphone will need to be exactly aligned with the intended charging area for charging.

The the wireless power transmission standard, Qi, has already been adopted by the European Automotive Standards Group (CE4A) as the charging standard in vehicles. It is predicted that most cars will be equipped with Qi-based wireless chargers by 2025.

NFC communication provides user authentication that allows not only Bluetooth/WiFi communication with the infotainment system, but also locking/unlocking the doors and starting the engine. NFC also allows the vehicle settings to be individually adapted to several drivers, for example the positioning of seats and mirrors as well as presettings for infotainment and navigation destination.

A reference board integrating these solutions was exhibited at the 11th International Car Electronics Technology Show in Tokyo from 16 to 19 January 2019. Rohmalso plans to introduce a sample reference board. This allows users to easily configure an automotive wireless charger compatible with the latest Qi standard (EPP) in combination with ROHM’s existing Qi certified receiver board (BD57015GWL-EVK-002).

The reference board will be available in February and the BD57121MUF-M in April.

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