Velodyne, Nikon team on technology development, manufacturing

Velodyne, Nikon team on technology development, manufacturing
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Lidar sensor maker Velodyne (San Jose, CA) and optics and imaging company Nikon Corporation (Tokyo, Japan) have announced they have begun discussions for a multifaceted business alliance, including collaboration in technology development and manufacturing.
By Rich Pell


Velodyne also announced that Nikon – a leading suppliers of products and solutions based on advanced opto-electronics and precision technologies – is a new strategic investor in the company, with an investment of $25 million. Their relationship, says Velodyne, will help advance the timeline for manufacturing and mass production of lidar for the autonomous and advanced safety global market.

“Velodyne is creating a network of powerful alliances supporting the global autonomous vehicle industry,” says David Hall, Velodyne Lidar’s Founder and CEO. “One hundred years ago, optics and camera technologies like Nikon’s helped people to see better. Now, the basis of those technologies is helping computers see.”

The companies say they share a futuristic vision of advanced perception technology for a wide range of applications including robotics, mapping, security, shuttles, drones, and safety on roadways.

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