Ultrasonic wireless power system to be demoed at CES 2019

Ultrasonic wireless power system to be demoed at CES 2019

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Wireless power startup uBeam (Santa Monica, CA) has announced that it plans to unveil an ultrasonic wireless power system at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, taking place from January 8 to 11.
By Rich Pell


The technology demonstration will showcase the company’s new contact-free power-at-a-distance ultrasonic wireless power system. The ultrasonic wireless charging technology, says the company, is designed to help alleviate the current system-level tradeoffs between product performance and battery longevity.

Applications of this technology range from consumer products, such as portable electronics and smart home devices, to industrial IoT sensors and asset trackers. It is also the only wireless power technology that is not electromagnetic based, says the company, which provides unique advantages for the users.

The company’s leadership and engineering teams will be on-site (Venetian Hotel, Suite 29-326) to discuss details of the technology as well as potential applications and partnership opportunities.


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