Tiny power chips target hearables

Tiny power chips target hearables

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Optimized for small Li-ion batteries, the MAX77650 / MAX77651 power management ICs (PMICs) from Maxim Integrated (San Jose, CA) feature single inductor multiple output (SIMO) buck-boost regulators that provide three independently programmable power rails from a single inductor, a 150mA LDO, and three current sink drivers to reduce overall component count and maximize available board space.
By Rich Pell


Designed in a 19.2mm2 chip, the MAX77650 and MAX77651 operate up to 3.3V and 5V, respectively and both include an analog multiplexer (MUX) output for safe battery monitoring, making them ideal for low-power designs.

The chips only draw 0.3µA in standby and 5.6µA in operation.

Maxim Integrated – www.maximintegrated.com

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