Through the Coral Edge into the IoT

Through the Coral Edge into the IoT

Designed for sturdiness and reliability, Coral Edge is an IoT gateway that stands its ground when it comes to the crunch. With these properties the gateway suits for industrial and harsh outdoor environments.
By eeNews Europe


The gateway is a joint development of Japan-based Liverocks Technologies Inc. , a company that specialises in Internet of Things solutions for industrial markets, and Swiss wireless and M2M positioning modules vendor u-blox.  According to Liverock, the gateway combines wireless LTE connectivity with a 3G fallback plus GNSS positioning technology. It has a Self-Sustaining Recovery (SSR) feature that enables it to recover without human intervention in the case of a crash or power failure.

Coral Edge is the first mobile gateway equipped with a PoE (Power over Ethernet) power supply function to keep the IP camera running at all times. The u-blox professional grade LTE/3G Cat. 4 modules TOBY-L200 embedded in Coral Edge follow the Swiss company’s “nested design” philosophy to maintain software continuity.

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