ST contributes microcontrollers to LoRa ecosystem

ST contributes microcontrollers to LoRa ecosystem

Chipmakers Semtech and STMicroelectronics (ST) plan to jointly foster the LoRa long-range wireless RF technology. ST plans to use the technology to target Internet of Things (IoT) deployments by mobile network operators (MNOs) and large-scale private networks.
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Marc Pegulu, Vice President and General Manager of Semtech’s Wireless, Sensing and Timing product group, sees already a “tremendous momentum” for the LoRa Alliance; with a major silicon supplier, the LoRa system could disseminate faster across the world, he said – in particular if this silicon provider has a strong presence in industrial and connectivity markets which is the case with ST. The goal is establishing the LoRaWAN protocol and IP as the de-facto standard for IoT wide-area networks.
LoRaWan is a low-power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) specification for wireless battery operated devices in geographically spread networks. Supporting features such as secure, encrypted bi-directional communication, mobility and localisation services, the protocol is clearly targeting applications in the IoT. Members of the LoRa Alliance are, among others , Cisco, IBM, Gemalto and Swisscom.
Claude Dardanne, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Microcontroller, Memory & Secure MCU Group, STMicroelectronics, comments “by contributing our IP and SoC design expertise, we anticipate promoting the deployment of more LPWANs worldwide, and enabling many applications with a standardized ecosystem of service providers and solutions developers.”

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