Sony LED light bulb doubles as Bluetooth speaker

Sony LED light bulb doubles as Bluetooth speaker

Sony Corp has unveiled the LED Light Speaker Bulb - essentially an LED light bulb equipped with a Bluetooth speaker.
By eeNews Europe


The 360-lumen bulb allows users to play music in places where it may be difficult to install audio equipment, and can be screwed into a bulb socket fitting in your living room, kitchen or bedroom giving the ability to transform the surroundings to suit a specific mood. It can be controlled with a SongPal smartphone app (on both iOS and Android), allowing the user to adjust the brightness and volume of the bulb and speaker, respectively.



For cloud-based interactions, the bulb possesses a remote dedicated to pairing over Near Field Communication (NFC). The LED speaker bulb (model LSPX-100E26J) will begin rolling out to consumers about the end of May 2015 and will have an online store price of about $200.



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