Sony LED-based lawn-growing machine promotes grass growth

Sony LED-based lawn-growing machine promotes grass growth

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An exhibitor at Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2016, Sony Business Solutions Corp showcased its Brighturf LED-based lighting system said to speed up the growth of grass by six fold. The full system spans 16.75 m when its arm is extended, reports Nikkei Technology online.
By Rich Pell


The system could find uses not only in stadiums to boost the growth of turf grass in shady areas, but also at golf courses and other venues with large turf surfaces.

The Brighturf was developed in collaboration with Kashima Antlers FC, Shinshu University, Showa Denko KK and Sekishin Denki KK. It emits red (wavelength: 660-nm) and blue (450-nm) lights, optimal for photosynthesis, from a height of 1.5 m, illuminating an area of 90 m2.

Compared to similar lighting systems based on halogen lamps, the Brighturf generates less heat which would be detrimental to the turf.

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