Software kit boots up digital manufacturing

Software kit boots up digital manufacturing

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Startup company Tulip, an MIT spin-off with expertise in the area of manufacturing automation, has launched what it calls the industry’s first Digital Manufacturing Quick-Start kit. The Factory Kit enables engineers to build IIoT-enabled “Manufacturing apps” that help them to drive manufacturing digital transformation initiatives without the need for assistance from IT or system integrators. Users don’t even need to know how to write code.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Introduced at the current Hannover Messe, the factory kit is described as a quick-start solution that powers digital manufacturing. It leverages Tulip’s Manufacturing App platform which brings the power of Industrial IoT and advanced analytics to the frontline engineer and associate on the shop floor. The apps integrated human, sensor, and machine data, allowing engineers to gain actionable insights, implement process changes, and continuously improve their operations.

Through the software generated with the Factory Kit, the users can access Tulip’s cloud-based Manufacturing App platform as well as sample apps and analytics ready to use out of the box. The kit includes the building block manufacturing engineers need to get started, including a Tulip I/O gateway that lets them connect their devices with the apps they build. Also bundled with the kit are an array of IoT sensors and devices including a break beam sensor, environmental sensors, barcode scanner and foot pedal. With the kit, users can go from prototype to production in a few hours, promises Tulip – and all without the need to know and understand code; everything can be done intuitively through the software itself.

The Factory kit is available at

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