Smart wine bottle thwarts counterfeiters

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Featuring NFC technology, the smart wine bottle is a result of a partnership between printed electronics developer Thin Film Electronics ASA and authentication company the G World Group. The bottle will feature Thinfilm’s NFC OpenSense tags and G World’s SAMSCAN process, ensuring an authentic product for consumers and providing anti-counterfeit protocols for agricultural and beverage industries.

The NFC OpenSense tags are thin, flexible tags that can detect a product’s sealed and open states and wirelessly communicate contextual content with the use of an NFC-enabled smartphone or device. The tags contain unique identifiers that enable companies to authenticate and track products to the individual-item level.

Reports suggest that counterfeit wine – especially in Asia – is pervasive, with up to 70% of all wine sold in China being fake. The problem is even more pronounced for premium brands. The Thinfilm/G World solution is designed to facilitate authentication of individual bottles throughout the supply chain – during packaging, shipping, stocking, and point of sale.

Following MWC, G World and Thinfilm will conduct a live field trial in collaboration with Ferngrove Wine Group – a major supplier of premium wine to the Asia-Pacific region. Ferngrove exports more than 600,000 bottles annually to China alone.

"Winemakers and retailers currently are in need of a cost-effective and scalable means to track and confirm the authenticity of individual wine bottles across the supply chain. This gap in the current solution set gives counterfeiters an upper hand," said Thinfilm Chief Commercial Officer Kai Leppänen in a statement. "At Mobile World Congress Shanghai, we’re excited to show the industry how smart technology can provide an authentic solution and fulfill this consumer need."

Leppänen will speak at MWC Shanghai’s IoT Summit on "Innovative Technology in IoT Evolvement." MWC attendees will be able to see a demo of the Ferngrove smart wine bottle at Thinfilm’s booth at the conference.

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