Smart lighting testing program eases global time-to-market pressures

Smart lighting testing program eases global time-to-market pressures

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Global compliance testing and certification organization TÜV Rheinland has introduced what the organizations claims is the world’s first and only Smart Lighting Program to test new products.
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The program provides global expertise, streamlined solutions, and fast time-to-market for lighting manufacturers. Various types of lighting products such as general purpose luminaires, self-ballasted lamps, and associated components such as LED drivers and controllers can be tested.

The Smart Lighting Program will test products rigorously for safety, EMC, and a full portfolio of Wi-Fi, Wi-Sub, Wi-Gig, ZigBee and Bluetooth standards. Companies making ZigBee- and Wi-Fi- compatible devices already choose TÜV Rheinland for their testing needs because it is the only test lab approved for both organizations.

The lighting industry has seen massive growth in Wi-Fi-, Bluetooth-, and Zigbee-connected products and smart lighting innovations will continue to see both residential and commercial products made more energy efficient, accessible from a growing number of apps and devices.

“Manufacturers want to know at a very early stage if a new product meets all the requirements for intended markets and if there are any failures pertaining to regulations, performance or interoperability. These failures can cause considerable hurdles and delays with product launch,” said Sagar Patel, LED and Lighting Program Manager. “TÜV Rheinland created the Smart Lighting Program to provide lighting manufacturers the technical guidance and necessary data for a speedier time to market.”

In addition to its U.S. facilities, TÜV Rheinland operates four laboratories in the European Union (EU) and six in Asia, extending the organization’s testing capabilities for lighting products to international clients at or near their target markets. Manufacturers can also take advantage of tools like the ZigBee Test Tool, which can be used as a field device to perform profile testing.

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