Smart ‘jewelry from the future’ uses flexible e-ink display

Smart ‘jewelry from the future’ uses flexible e-ink display

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Plastic Logic (Dresden, Germany), maker of glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), has been selected by L!BER8 Technology (Boston, MA), a wearable technology start-up, to produce the first ever low-power, high-fashion smart bracelet called Tago Arc.
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Controlled by a smartphone app, the bracelet’s flexible E Ink display can be continually re-customised with different digital patterns of the user’s choice to fit their clothes, other accessories, or friends’ clothes and accessories.

Plastic Logic’s technology met L!BER8’s requirement for a flexible, robust and long-lasting battery solution. The unique feature of Targo Arc is that the display reaches end-to-end from the metal rims of the bracelet, so the entire surface displays the chosen pattern.

Plastic Logic’s flexible E Ink displays only require small amounts of power which means that the operation of changing the image on the bracelet runs on a very low power design. The end-product has a wireless link to a smartphone app, and cannot be recharged; the battery it comes with is for the life of the product.

Tim Burne, CEO, Plastic Logic, commented: “Forward-thinking businesses such as L!BER8 are taking advantage of the huge opportunities that glass-free displays offer in terms of product innovation and differentiation. We helped them to tackle a number of design concerns in a way that meant no compromises to their vision had to be made.”

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