Smart glass solution enables ‘environmentally sound’ architecture

Smart glass solution enables ‘environmentally sound’ architecture

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Architectural glass fabricator Viracon is introducing what it says is a breakthrough self-tinting smart glass solution that incorporates smart-tinting technology provider Halio, Inc.’s proprietary electrochromic technology into Viracon's industry leading insulated glass units.
By Rich Pell


The Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by Halio, says the company, sets a completely new performance bar for electrochromic glass, optimizing occupant comfort through autonomously adjusting tint levels such that energy consumption is reduced while natural light is maximized. Halio technology enables a clear view of the world when untinted, and a neutral gray when tinted.

Proprietary, cloud-based control combined with IoT sensors, the most advanced rooftop skycam and a large internet pipe enable rapid, incremental response to changing conditions outside, inside or even via automated demand response from the utility company. Halio is designed to maximize healthy, natural light while restricting excessive heat and glare at the building’s facade.

“As the technological leader in electrochromic glass, with years of development underlying these breakthroughs, Halio is committed to producing the most advanced solution that excels in both form and function, delivering the world’s most beautiful smart glass,” says Halio CEO Bruce Sohn. “With Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by Halio, we are arming architects and developers to meet the challenges of climate change without compromising beauty or window-to-wall ratios.”

Building managers can harmonize lighting, HVAC and the building façade systems, reducing the need for exterior shades and interior blinds. Buildings glazed with Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by Halio have the intelligence and sophistication to operate autonomously and to be future proofed against tighter codes.

“Our customers have anticipated a product that allows building owners more control of their building’s interior environment while delivering unparalleled exterior tint uniformity to meet the new realities of climate change and energy codes,” says Garret Henson, Viracon’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, “Viracon PLUS Smart Glass powered by Halio is the first product to meet Viracon’s standards and marks a turning point for smart glass in the industry. We are redefining tinting glass technology.”


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