Small LiDAR sensors move closer to market

Small LiDAR sensors move closer to market

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MicroVision Inc. (Redmond, WA), a vendor of MEMS for picoprojectors, has developed a time-of-flight ASIC that can be used with its MEMS scanners to create a lidar sensor.
By Rich Pell


MicroVision has provides samples of the ASIC for customer evaluation.

The MicroVision Time-of-Flight (MToF) ASIC was developed on a high-performance RF process. The company is working on lidar sensors with point cloud densities of  5 million to 20 million points per second in resolutions of approximately 720 vertical lines. The products are expected to be available in volume production early in 2019.

“Our MTOF ASICS represent a tangible step forward in our goal to bring small, inexpensive lidar-based products to the consumer, smart home, and automotive markets.  Our interactive projector for IoT applications, and our consumer lidar for smart home and office applications will use these ASICS,” said Perry Mulligan, MicroVision’s CEO, in a statement.

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