Radiation Hardened 12-A synchronous buck regulator claims industry’s highest output current

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The ISL70002SEHVF is a Single Event Effect (SEE) immune regulator, featuring high dose rate (HDR) and low dose rate (LDR) immunity. Its high level of integration eliminates the need for external components, reduces cost, board space, and provides the industry’s highest reliability for space and harsh environment applications. Additionally, the ISL70002’s Class V compliant hermetic solution meets the most stringent satellite program requirements.

The device’s  maximum junction temperature of 150 degrees C allows designers to take full advantage of the ISL70002’s output power while synchronous rectification provides higher efficiency than standard buck regulators, especially at lower output voltages.

A current sharing capability supports paralleled regulators and the device is designed for complete single event immunity at LET = 86.4 MeV.  The device is SEL, SEB, SET, and SEFI hardened.

Two ISL70002s can be paralleled to support output currents up to 19 A (@ 150 C junction temperature), making this the ideal power solution for FPGA-based designs. Only one bias rail is required, simplifying system power architecture design by eliminating an additional regulator or FET to step the voltage down to less than 4.5 V.

Availability and Pricing

The ISL70002SEH is currently available in a 64-lead ceramic quad flat pack package, with sample pricing starting at $602 each in 100-unit quantities.

More information about ISL70002SEH point-of-load synchronous buck regulator at


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