Quantum tech startup forays into secure semiconductors

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By Rich Pell

Founded in 2018, the company has developed a technology that protects private data with post-quantum end-to-end encryption. The company’s Post-Quantum Encryption technology (PQE) is offered as being able to transform the way we communicate and store information.

‘With the advent of large scale digital communications, the rollout of 5G is enabling a new kind of network that is designed to connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices,” says Jay Oberai, CEO and Founder of Synergy Quantum. “IoT will become an integral part of everything we do. The security around IoT is minimal and we see a substantial market for secure chips in digital security applications (the design and packaging of integrated security platforms for RoT, microcontrollers, NFCs, secure smart cards, IoT, Blockchain and AI).”

The company’s technology has been developed with CERN scientists, through investments in Quantum companies and collaboration with National Science and Defense Ministries. The company provides highly secure communication platforms including mobile application and data storage platforms. Its clients are governments and companies that are seeking to protect both their private and confidential data whilst facilitating internal communication.

The company also announced that Manu Khullar, formerly of STMicroelectronics, would join Synergy as Chief Operating Officer.

“[Manu] brings 29 years of semiconductor experience working as group head for STMicroelectronics in Switzerland,” says Oberai. “Manu’s vast experience in managing complex IT projects within the industry will help for the development of silicon chips with embedded PQE. We look forward to adding teams and buying businesses in this very exciting space.”

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