Pocket-size modular LiDAR is highly configurable

Pocket-size modular LiDAR is highly configurable

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LeddarTech's (Ville de Québec, Canada) Vu8 is the company's first module based on the LeddarVu LiDAR platform, featuring a fixed laser light source for ruggedness and highly configurable scanning options on distance and view angles.
By Rich Pell


LeddarTech claims the pocket-sized device is 65% smaller than its other offerings while being 58% lighter (75 grams), making it suitable for a wide range of applications from drones to autonomous vehicles including 360° SLAM and collision avoidance.

Leveraging LeddarTech’s advanced, patented signal processing and algorithms, LeddarVu sensors will evolve along with the future generations of the LeddarCore ICs (expected to deliver ranges reaching 250m, fields of view up to 140°, and up to 480,000 points per second). Modular by design, the unit can easily accommodate different types of optical components from different suppliers.

The LiDAR sensor module provides multi-target detection over eight independent segments, detecting targets at up to 215 m range regardless of weather conditions. The Vu8 modules are available now in various field of view options at a list price starting at $475.

LeddarTech: www.leddartech.com

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