Partnership brings AR to Hollywood visual effects

Partnership brings AR to Hollywood visual effects

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Large-scale interactive technology startup ARwall (Los Angeles, CA) announced it received a $2 million seed funding round from Orlando-based film studio Dolphin Image, a cutting edge film studio that has entered into a strategic partnership with the startup to develop its augmented reality (AR) motion picture effects tools.
By Rich Pell


The ARwall Effects System generates real-time CGI effects using a LED “smart wall,” allowing filmmakers to capture visual effects (VFX) in-camera, without the need for a green screen or excessive post-production.

The ARwall FX System (ARFX) consists of a 20×12 ft LED wall (though it could be expanded), synchronized with a tracker and at least two sensors installed on filming set. Once the tracker is calibrated and attached to a camera, the camera (view point) can be moved anywhere inside the tracked space and the virtual scene running on the LED wall will updats in real-time for a seamless window illusion into the virtual space.

The ARwall displays renders in less than one frame of delay at 24 frames per second, making it the first AR film tool suitable for final production shots, rather than pre-visualization. The platform functions without the need for goggles, headsets or wearables that would interfere with the flow of filmmaking.

This means CGI sceneries can be embedded directly during filming, without requiring a green screen or having to add effects during a lengthy post-production process.

ARwall claims its system can help save as much as 40% of the effects budget, by removing months of visualizations, compositing work, and tracking numerous versions of assets. While also reducing the VFX budget, the LED wall that ARFX runs on will also provide motivated, dynamic lighting to the filming set, providing actors with better cues and making them feel more immersed into the play.

For dual-camera sets, the company can synchronize the screen, or screens, to two cameras perspective’s using an alternating shutter phase.

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