New rad-hard precision quad op amp claims best in class performance and radiation hardness

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The ISL70417SEH expands Intersil’s radiation hardened op amp portfolio beyond the already released dual op amps, ISL70218SRH and ISL70227SRH, which have similar performance.

Ideal for applications such as sensor signal processing that demand high DC accuracy and AC performance, the ISL70417SEH contains four high precision amplifiers that feature low offset voltage, low bias current and low temperature drift. The ISL70417SEH operates over a wide voltage range up to 40 V, supporting most analog and split supply requirements. This op amp is pin-for-pin compatible with industry standard op amps and is available on a DLA approved SMD (5962-12228) and built in accordance with MIL-PRF-38535 Class V requirements.

Wafer-by-wafer radiation hardness assurance testing at 300 krad(Si) high dose rate and 50 krad(Si) low dose rate reduces cost and time typically required for radiation lot acceptance testing (RLAT). By guaranteeing performance over both high and low dose rate, most satellite programs will have the assurance that this product will perform in the natural space environment.  Additionally, the ISL70417SEH’s performance over radiation significantly increases incoming signal integrity because of minimal shifts in critical parameters that effect DC signal accuracy such as offset voltage, offset current and bias current.

The ISL70417SEH features a low offset voltage of 110 uV, with 5 nA bias current (little movement over radiation exposure) and a low power consumption, supply current of 440 uA.  The device’s output noise is 250 nV peak-peak.

Availability and Pricing

The ISL70417SEH is currently available in 14-lead flatpacks, with samples available at $155.02 each.

More information about the ISL70417SEH dual op amp at


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