New broadband standard ‘brings IoT home’

New broadband standard ‘brings IoT home’

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The Broadband Forum (Fremont, CA), an industry organization focused on engineering "smarter and faster broadband networks," has announced a new standard for implementing, deploying, and managing all types of devices in the broadband home.
By Rich Pell


The new User Services Platform (USP) standard is designed to offer a unified, common approach to securely deploy, manage, and control network-aware consumer electronics, including home and enterprise Wi-Fi, Internet of Things (IoT), and more. This, says the organization, enables a vast number of devices from different suppliers to be integrated into service providers’ offerings, enabling them to offer new, revenue-generating services to end-users.

“As an evolution of the popular TR-069 standard, USP makes use of the same data models,” says Barbara Stark, of AT&T, USP Project Lead at Broadband Forum, “but instead of simply having a single Auto Configuration Server, there are now many end points that control not only the devices but also individual executables on each one.”

“This means deployments with IoT devices, smart Wi-Fi, set-top boxes, and smart gateways can be controlled by anyone in the household, while permission levels for service providers can be created to allow any necessary updates or troubleshooting of the network and devices connected to it,” says Stark. “Ultimately, we designed USP to be flexible, scalable and secure.”

With USP, says the organization, service providers, consumer electronics manufacturers, and end-users can perform lifecycle management of connected devices and carry out upgrades, such as critical security updates. USP also allows newly installed or purchased devices and virtual services to be easily added, while at the same time improving customer support by enabling remote monitoring and troubleshooting of connected devices, services, and home network links.

“TR-069 has seen great success, with 800 million TR-069 CPE WAN management protocol devices worldwide,” says Broadband Forum CEO Robin Mersh, “and the time is right to move this into the hyper-connected, virtualized world and provide an evolved specification to enable the industry to provide for and monetize the opportunities presented by modern connected users and homes.”

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