Natural spectrum LEDs claim ‘new era’ of human-centric lighting

Natural spectrum LEDs claim ‘new era’ of human-centric lighting

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Combining its patented LED chip technology with Toshiba Materials’ TRI-R phosphor technology, Seoul Semiconductor claims its SunLike Series LEDs deliver the world’s best light quality - so close to the sun's natural light spectrum that objects lit by these novel LEDs appear as they would in sunlight.
By Rich Pell


“Much like our package-less WICOP Series LEDs revolutionized the LED packaging process, our SunLike Series LEDs represents a revolution in creating natural spectrum LED lighting.” commented Mr. Chung Hoon Lee, CEO of Seoul Semiconductor.

TRI-R technology white light used for the exhibition 
“Crafting the Future during Milan Fashion Week. 

Designed for next-generation human-centric lighting solutions optimized for circadian rhythms, the new technology combination is claimed to minimize the side-effects of blue-LED-based white lights that typically create a blue light “spike,” which may produce negative effects when viewed for prolonged periods during night-time hours by interfering with natural human biorhythms.

The use of a purple emitter in combination with a blend of phosphors shares some similarities with Soraa’s white LED technology announced over three years ago, also claiming best sun-like spectrum characteristics.

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