Multi-protocol video interface IP on UMC 28-nm HPC

Multi-protocol video interface IP on UMC 28-nm HPC

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ASIC design service and IP provider Faraday Technology (Hsinchu, Taiwan) has announced the availability of its multi-protocol video interface IP on UMC's 28-nm High Performance Compact for Mobile (HPC) process.
By Rich Pell


The solution, says the company, supports both transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) featuring a reduced silicon footprint ideal for state-of-the-art panel and sensor interfaces, projectors, MFP, DSC, surveillance, AR and VR, and AI applications.

“Faraday’s multi-protocol video interface IP solutions come with a highly compatible and cost-effective MIPI D-PHY and its solid subsystem verified at the IP, system, and production level to minimize the risk in integration,” says Flash Lin, Chief Operating Officer of Faraday. “Our optimized video interface IP and value-added services have provided our customers with a low risk system development path at the lowest cost with rapid time-to-market on their applications of display, image capture, projectors, and HUD.”

The multi-protocol video interface IP’s transmitter design enables MIPI and CMOS-IO combo solutions for package cost reduction and flexibility in select applications, while the receiver combo PHY includes MIPI, LVDS, subLVDS, HiSPi, and CMOS-I/O to support a diversified range of interfaces to CMOS image sensors.

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