Momentum Dynamics demos 200 kW inductive charging for buses

Momentum Dynamics demos 200 kW inductive charging for buses

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US developer Momentum Dynamics, which specializes in inductive charging systems, has installed the first wireless charging system for electric buses with a charging capacity of 200 kW. At its first site of operation, the system is designed to perform fast charging with inductive power transfer with an electric bus from BYD.
By Christoph Hammerschmidt


Momentum Dynamics is advocating the inductive charging as the most effective method for so-called opportunity charging during bus operation.“Within five minutes, the wireless charging system provides the vehicle with enough energy during its routine stop to complete another lap. This allows E-buses an unlimited number of cycles,” says a press release. The active side of the loading system is recessed into the road. The supplementary coil of the charging system is located in the underbody of the bus.

Two years ago, Momentum Dynamics announced its intention to develop an inductive system with this charging power. The manufacturer plans to install additional inductive charging systems in the USA in the course of the year and in Europe from 2019. The loading system shown will be used at the Link Transit transport system in Wenatchee in the US state of Washington.

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