Micro Bluetooth SMART module has built-in antenna

Micro Bluetooth SMART module has built-in antenna

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Alps Electric's (Tokyo, Japan) low-power UGMZ2AA Bluetooth SMART communication module with built-in antenna is positioned as among the smallest and with one of the lowest power consumption levels in the field.
By Rich Pell


The module has dimensions of 4.7 × 4.7 × 2.0 mm, with a custom-designed antenna circuit pattern on the top of the unit, in a single package. This removes the need for end product manufacturers to separately prepare an antenna. Power consumption is 5.1 mA (0.6 µA in sleep mode), making the module suitable for devices running off a button cell or other battery.

The UGMZ2AA has been incorporated into Alps’ Sensor Network Module IoT development kit, a multi-functional sensor module for acquisition and transmission of motion and environmental data integrating six-axis (Geomag+Accel), pressure, temperature and humidity, and UV and ambient light sensors with this Bluetooth® Smart communication module in a single package. Interfaces are UART, SPI, and I²C .

ALPS Electric: www.alps.com

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