Metasurface optics startup raises $30M to address growing demand

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By Rich Pell

Metasurface optics specialist Metalenz has announced that it has raised $30 million in Series B funding to advance high-performance 3D sensing solutions in consumer electronics and automotive markets. The funding, says the company, will be used to meet the growing demand for the its existing 3D Sensor metasurface optics while simultaneously accelerating the market introduction of its new polarization sensing solution, PolarEyes.

PolarEyes is offered as the world’s first optical module that can map the complete polarization information of a scene without filtering or loss of signal strength, providing 3D depth maps, increased shape contrast, and molecular makeup of objects all in a form-factor and at a price point to allow polarization information to proliferate for the first time. The funding round was led by Neotribe Ventures, with other participation from Foothill Ventures, M Ventures, Intel Capital, Osage University Partners, TDK Ventures, 3M Ventures, Global Brains, SG Innovate, Baidu Ventures, Hegemon Capital, and Braemar Ventures.

“When we launched our first products as the key enabler for simpler, next generation 3D ToF products earlier this year, we proved that the performance of our metasurface optics is unparalleled in the 3D sensing market, and that our new technology can reach end-users at a massive scale,” says Metalenz co-founder and CEO Rob Devlin. “Since then, demand has dramatically increased, and the oversubscribed round is a testament to how our metasurface optics can completely transform the way people and machines interact with and understand the world around them. Going forward we are particularly excited to benefit from the deep knowledge and vast network of our lead investor in the Series B, Neotribe Ventures.”

Kittu Kolluri, Founder and Managing Director of Neotribe Ventures says, “At Neotribe we are focused on investing in companies that are solving really hard technical problems that disrupt non-traditional industry sectors. Metalenz represents the perfect blend of a disruptive deep tech solution being applied to a large and innovation-starved market, optics. We look forward to supporting Rob and his team as they scale the company and product roadmap to address this multi-billion-dollar opportunity.”



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