Lemonbeat IoT dev kit enhances battery device power management

Lemonbeat IoT dev kit enhances battery device power management

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The latest version of the Lemonbeat (Dortmund, Germany) Device Development Kit gives OEMs a hardware and software platform on which to rapidly implement new IoT designs based on Lemonbeat technology and its associated smart Device Language (LsDL).
By Rich Pell


The development kit lets designers integrate multiple sensors and actuators into their end product design prototype, write application code for it and easily test the operation of their device.

It consists of two developer boards and a USB configuration dongle. The main board features a Silicon Laboratories microcontroller, based on an ARM Cortex-M3 core, which includes a sub-gigahertz transceiver for Lemonbeat Radio, a patented radio solution for physically connecting smart devices. The kit is supported by Lemonbeat Studio, a software development environment which may be used to configure the way that devices running LsDL interact.

In the latest version of the kit, Lemonbeat has enhanced support for managing the power consumption of battery-powered devices, for instance by adding operating modes such as Event Driven Devices and Wake on Radio. In addition, Lemonbeat Studio features a new plugin for automated device testing and new application examples. The kit also benefits from enhancements offering greater stability.

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