LED flash driver supports color compositions

LED flash driver supports color compositions

Skyworks has introduced the SKY81298 triple channel LED flash driver, which is optimized for LED flash applications implementing tri-tone flash LED color compensation, or dual rear LED flash, plus single front LED flash to support “selfie” pictures taken from the front-facing camera.
By eeNews Europe


It is ideally suited for small battery-powered applications, including smartphones and tablets. Independent GPIO or I2C interfaces support any customer control requirement. The SKY81298 actively monitors battery/system voltage and reduces flash current automatically to avoid system brownout, allowing the flash to operate over a wider (lower) battery range. The compact 3.62 mm2 device is provided in a 16-bump, 1.903- x 1.903- x 0.605-mm wafer-level chip scale package (WLCSP).